Virtual Band Woes

Even with football season being in question, the marching band still lines up on the parking lot every day after school to prepare for the upcoming games and competitions amidst all of the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic (if any).

“I think that the new safety measures are definitely a setback and it sucks that we can’t do as much as we hoped, but we are getting through it and having a good time”, Layla Blocker said. 

 Everything about this school year is in question but the band kids are trying to make the best out of the current situation especially the seniors who just want to make the last year memorable. 

“COVID-19 has affected each and every student in its own way. For us band kids in particular, it’s just about demolished any hope we have left. Our entire first semester in band is normally filled with travel, crowds, and sheer excitement over the show we’ve produced,” Foye Binnion said. “This year, however, we don’t know if that is even a feasible idea. It is my senior year, and I don’t know what to expect, what to hope for, or even what to believe… But, I will say- it is up to me to make what I can of this whole mess… so that I will.”

 The students had the decision to either decide to go back to face to face or virtual and about 20% of the kids decided to do virtual and the band directors had to adapt to those students to not make them feel left out. 

“Band has been the most negative experience as a student attending virtual school. I joined the band because I have a love for the music and the marching, therefore it’s been a negative experience as I am unable to do what I love. I have sometimes felt like I’m no longer part of the band because of this, but the directors have done a good job in making sure we are not left out in class, I think that affects us greatly because it gives us the sense that we’re still here in class and that we still matter,” Karen Martinez said. “While it’s many more assignments, and it’s saddening to see and have to do what we will ultimately not be performing, in the end I feel like a band student as I know choreography and music.”

 With students choosing to stay virtual, some students did decide to return to school which provides us with the question on why these students decide to return to face to face rehearsals.

“ I really wanted to be able to experience my last year of marching band because I didn’t want to waste three years of highschool and not get to experience my favorite part of school,” Jasmin Uribe said.

 Being a freshman in this unknown time can be really stressful because you barely know anybody and then your entire first year of highschool will be ruined by something out of your control. 

 “Even though I am a freshman and I might not get to experience much, I am really looking forward to going to football games with my friends and getting to perform in the marching shows,” Layla Blocker said. 

This school year is filled with so much mystery but through all this uncertainty the marching band will still practice as much as they can even if they have to go virtual

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