Pep Rallies Just One of the Broken Traditions Thanks to COVID

Due to Covid-19 and other underlying circumstances, all fall semester pep rallies have been canceled all together for Brazoswood. It is still unknown whether or not spring pep rallies may be held or canceled as well. Even though everything is still unclear, many students are trying to keep some amount of normalcy in their high school year. 

 “Pep rallies were the only reason some people got excited for school,” senior TJ Rotramel said. 

Many of the seniors expressed their disdain for the lackluster semester when it comes to traditions that cannot be carried out. As seniors begin their final year and freshmen start the beginning of their high school career, many wonder what other options students could have to be able to experience and embrace the high school spirit that encompasses pep rallies. Since Administration has other COVID related challenges to overcome, students offer ideas on other ways they could have their pep rallies. 

“We could maybe have a pep rally at the football field,” Foye Binnion said. “Just something to get their seniors hyped about their last year in high school.”

One thing to remember though would be students would have to maintain social distance guidelines and would be required to keep masks on at all times. There would be limited seating and less room for certain activities. 

“I think [administration] should at least have senior pep rallies,” Fletcher Plank said. “If it was just seniors then we could all spread out.”

The band also plays a major role in how the pep rallies are performed and are a vital resource in keeping students excited and on their feet. Many students agree that, the drumline is one of the most memorable moments of any pep rally. The drum line pumps up the crowd and is a valuable tradition most students look forward to. 

“The band most definitely would love to perform at pep rallies this year, they are something we all look forward to,” Binnion said. “Each year, we perform stand tunes in the gym and the whole school gets excited.”

Just like any other events, students have always had a specific part of the rally that has always been most favorable. Students have expressed enthusiasm about a favorite pep rally over the years. The blackout pep rally, which has always required pride points, was a crowd favorite that many students are disheartened to find out it is no longer happening. 

“Black out pep rallies are always fun,” TJ Rotramel said. 

Even though the graduating class may not have the traditional pep rallies they have come to love, many are looking forward to other traditions they may still get to have. Due to Covid-19, many changes to the school calendar have been brought upon Brazoswood, but many events are in the course of being planned. 

“I was really excited for the pep rallies, Homecoming, Senior prom, and especially the bonfire,” Fletcher Plank said.

As the year still continues on with Covid-19, students and administration are taking things one step at a time. Everything can be changed and modified with every new day, and everyone is just along for the ride. 

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