Marching Band Receives High Honors for 39th Consecutive Year

The band was able to have accomplished getting all 1s in UIL for 39 consecutive years by  putting dedication into their show.

“I am really proud of this school and I am so glad to be a part of an organization that does so well it just comes to show how much the directors and the members of the band are putting into their shows,” band member Abigail Bryant said.

Getting ready for a performance can be different depending on if you are a color guard member or a band member.

“I had a good breakfast and warmed up and stretched before the run through so I will have been ready for the run through on the way to the competition I take a nap so I will be ready to perform and not be tired,” color guard member Janina Rodriquez said.

Being in color guard means they perform various dances while being able to throw their equipment,which can be fairly difficult.

“I need to know which way the wind is blowing and I’m able to tell by the direction the flag is moving and then I just figure out where I need to place my hands to be able to catch it,” Rodriguez said.

Even though you try as hard as you can to not mess up it still happens at times.

“I can’t let it stop me so I just keep going and get back into it. And because of how fast the pace of the show is that I can’t focus on my mistake so I just refocus on the show,” Bryant said.

After the performance was over and they found out what they had gotten they were ready to keep on practicing even harder because the season wasn’t over yet.

“It just shows that the band directors know what they are doing and are doing a good job teaching the kids. It also shows how much work they put into their shows every year,” Rodriguez said.

Behavior Intervention Moves to Campuses

“As a young child, I didn’t have anyone reach out to me and make me feel comfortable, which made me want to do that for students now”

Behavior Specialists are responsible for helping kids succeed in school and helping people on campus through problems. Since being introduced to the district 5 years ago, the behavior team has become a vital part in schools, creating a support system for students and teachers on campuses.

“The Brazosport Independent School District Management Team provides a continuum of services for students who require tiered behavior interventions within their classrooms to benefit from educational programs,” Brazosport Behavior Specialist LeKay White said.

Specialists are on campus to help students be successful through school as well as aiding teachers in classroom management. White works at Brazosport High School and Freeport Intermediate as a member of the district behavior team.

“My job is to help support my campus with behavior management through the means of observation, programs, and restorative circles,” White said.

 Megahn Cooper works at Brazoswood High School mainly on freshman campus, she helps students through problems, while doing so she tries to make a safe environment for students to feel comfortable.

“As a young child, I didn’t have anyone reach out to me and make me feel comfortable, which made me want to do that for students now,” Cooper said. Behavior specialists aren’t a very well-known part of the district but they are a crucial part, working hard to create a developed support system for students and teachers.

Biggest Bonfire Burns into History

Starting a new tradition, the school’s annual bonfire was held on October 3 at Stratton Ridge Park for all students to attend. The bonfire wasn’t held on school campus because construction had been planned in the spot the bonfire was usually held. 
“It was stressful to plan because we didn’t know it would be at a new location,” Bryce Sidney said. “When we discovered it was at a new location, we had to adapt to the new changes and we did that well.”
Bryce Sidney, a senior on the school’s student council, was active in planning and building the bonfire. He had his difficulties with the new location, but he managed to overcome them and finished the bonfire with his classmates.
“Building the bonfire at first was a struggle because we didn’t know what we were doing but I feel like we naturally came together to build it,” Sidney said.
Many students had complaints about the bonfire, and Bryce was surprisingly among them. 
“I think that next year they could have more emphasis on the actual site at the bonfire, and have more activities for the students to do at the bonfire,” Sidney said.
Like many other students, junior Mason Stevens had an opinion about the bonfire not being on school grounds.
“It was a little troubling getting there, and I feel that if it was on campus more people would’ve gone,” Stevens said. “But because it wasn’t on campus, there was a bigger fire and more room to be more active.”
Mason is one of many students that was happy with how the bonfire turned out. 
“I enjoyed seeing all my friends in the same place and I would definitely go again,” Stevens said.
The bonfire was also the largest in Brazoswood history with over 6000 pallets being placed in formation by senior students. Rumor has it, this will forever be that largest in history, as the fire marshall has shut down the idea of the structure getting any larger that it was this year.

Homecoming Game Brings Tradition Home

The guest of honor on Saturday’s game was the first Brazoswood homecoming queen who was invited to attend this year to help with the crowning of the new homecoming queen on the 50th year celebration of Brazoswood High School.

On Friday, October 4, 2019 was our annual homecoming game. The game everyone is looking forward to where everyone shows school pride, have fun, be with friends, and make new memories. Congratulations to Katelyn Frier and Matthew Kucera for winning homecoming queen and king of 2019.

 The guest of honor on Saturday’s game was the first Brazoswood homecoming queen who was invited to attend this year to help with the crowning of the new homecoming queen on the 50th year celebration of Brazoswood High School. 

“I thought it was really cool seeing her! I still can’t believe that the school has been open for 50 years,” senior Julisa Echartea said. 

Homecoming is all about honoring old traditions as well as making memories. 

“I enjoy watching the homecoming king and queen ride the golf cart around the field,” junior Abigail Mendoza said.

Halftime sparked excitement as the student section showed their Buc Pride by throwing powder and shooting off confetti cannons into the crowd. However, even if it was to show pride the activity was quickly thwarted by administration in order to still stay in the UIL guidelines and to keep students safe from inhalation of the dust particles. 

 “We love the student section at games and events. These students provide enthusiasm, school spirit and support for the athletes on the fields and courts,” Principal Rita Pintavalle said in a released statement. “However, there are items that are not allowed at events that UIL rules and/or stadiums in our district do not allow at outdoor events (football, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, etc:)”

Plenty of Pride Points in the Near Future for Those Participating in Dress Up Days

For the next two weeks, there will be several opportunities for students to gain pride points, most notably the three days of this upcoming week dedicated to celebrating our school’s 50th birthday, as well as the following one tributed to Red Ribbon Week.

For the next two weeks, there will be several opportunities for students to gain pride points, most notably the three days of this upcoming week dedicated to celebrating our school’s 50th birthday, as well as the following one tributed to Red Ribbon Week.

The Monday and Tuesday of this upcoming week are dedicated to two different decades: the 50s and the 70s. Monday, students have the ability to dress up in their 50’s outfits in order to celebrate the campuses’ 50th  birthday, as long as they stay in the school’s dress code. On Tuesday, students are challenged to dress in their best 70’s attire to celebrate 75 years of BISD. Then, Wednesday, which is the actual birthday, is Pride Day, where you can wear any school attire to show your school spirit. 

The week of Halloween is our dedicated Red Ribbon Week. To promote awareness about the harmful effects of drugs, Student Council, in alliance with PALs and other establishments around our general area, have set themes for each day, as well as events to help those in need. The week, which starts October 28th and ends the first of November, is set up like this (via a Google classroom announcement by Mrs. Jess, the Student Council and PALs sponsor): 

Monday (10/28) Pop pop-corn, not pills. – Dress like your favorite movie character.  During lunches, you can sign a pledge card to be tobacco and vape free! Those who sign the cards will get a bag of popcorn from Brazoswood PALS.

Tuesday (10/29) Blow Bubbles, Not Clouds. – Brazoswood PALS will have blow pops and gum with Vaping Facts to hand out today!  Wear your brightest neon colors to show your support!  

Wednesday (10/30)  – Stay Woke and Don’t Smoke! – wear your pajamas to school today and show that we can be comfortable in saying NO to tobacco, vaping, alcohol and other drugs. Today is also the drug take back day. See flyers around the school for more information. CVS Pharmacy in Lake Jackson will take back all old medications you want to get rid of. (Visit the link for more information about why it is important to responsibly dispose of old drugs: Drug Take Back )

Thursday (10/31) Let’s Scare Away Drugs! – wear your Halloween Costume – no masks or hats please and stay in dress code!

Friday (11/1) Black out Drugs – support your Bucs for the Black Out game and Black Out Drugs at the same time!

Students can earn 50 Pride Points for each day that they participate.

HoCo Spirit Week Allows Creativity and Fun

“I enjoyed this year’s spirit week and wished more people would’ve dressed up but I’m looking forward to next year’s homecoming week”

To raise excitement for the homecoming week, students were asked to dress up each day according to the theme starting from September 31st to October 4th.
Starting off the week, the first theme was Marvel day where students were asked to represent their favorite Marvel character by wearing a simple t-shirt or dressing up as the character.
“I wore a shirt that had groot on it and he’s my favorite character,” Junior Abby Zuniga said.
Excitement began to build up after the students heard that there would be a theme involving memes where they were allowed to become their favorite memes for Tuesday.
“I dressed up as a VSCO girl and I saw a lot of people also dressed up as one and I thought it was funny,” Zuniga said. “I saw many interesting memes like Peppa Pig, Danielle Cohn, a Minecraft creeper, e-girls, and soft-girl.”
There were many interesting memes spotted that day as there were many people who participated.
“I dressed up as Danielle Cohn in that one TikTok and I thought it would be interesting if I dressed up as her,” Junior Makayla Rios said. “My favorite meme I saw was this one guy wearing a piece of notebook paper that said the word ‘disappointment’ on his shirt.”
As Meme Day ended, Western Wednesday began and students brought out their cowboy and cowgirl gear.
“I thought Western Wednesday was fun and I saw this one person who had the full get up, from the hat all the way to the boots,” Junior Isabelle Medina said.
The dress up days passed by and students were asked to wear their bonfire shirts for the annual bonfire tradition
“I was super excited for the bonfire this year because it’s a time where I get to hang out with my friends and be around people who also enjoy this school tradition,” Medina said.
Spirit week was coming to a close with the last day where students were asked to show school spirit by wearing any school shirt they owned to show support towards the football team during the Homecoming game.
“I enjoyed this year’s spirit week and wished more people would’ve dressed up but I’m looking forward to next year’s homecoming week,” Makayla Rios said.

Brazoswood Jazz Ensemble Named National Winner

It is with great pride that we announce the 2018/2019 Brazoswood PM Jazz Ensemble has been named a winner in the Mark of Excellence/National Jazz Honors Project by the Foundation for Music Education. 

This prestigious recognition is part of a nationwide project that included over 320 schools across 38 states. The contest is entered by submitting recordings in which the top ensemble is selected by a panel of industry leading professionals as a national winner. 

The 2018/2019 Brazoswood PM Jazz Ensemble will be featured on a special compilation album that will include all of the National Winners from each musical division. This album will be available for purchase on the website. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the current and graduated members of this outstanding Jazz Ensemble! Your hard work and dedication has brought national recognition to our school and to the entire Brazosport Independent School District. Go Bucs!!!!

Brazoswood Hosts Successful Fall College/Military Fair 2019

Brazoswood Hosts Successful Fall College/Military Fair 2019 

On September 4th of this year, colleges, universities, trade schools, and the four branches of the military from around the nation set up information tables in the Brazoswood Library Mall area of the campus.  Hundreds of high school students on campus took the time to explore or ask questions about higher education opportunities. The college representatives in attendance were the regional admissions counselors the Brazoswood students would work with at each respective university campus.

Ms. Cindy Schwebel, Brazoswood Counselor and College/Military Fair organizer said of the event, “Having the  fair on the students’ home campus makes it much more convenient for them to access the person they actually need to be in contact with for whatever avenue they are pursuing after high school, be it a community college, university, trade school, or the military.  I want to give them all the options.”

Ms. Schwebel began working on planning/organizing the fair in May of last school year in order to recruit colleges/universities, trade schools, and the military. She also publicized the event with banners, flyers, social media blasts, and daily morning announcements in order to reach as many students and parents as possible to get the word out.

 The College/Military Fair has become a tradition in the last couple of years, being held every Fall and Spring with the  September 2019 fair being the largest yet. 

Thanks to Kroger, Chick-fil-a and the Lake Jackson Army Recruiting office who donated food and drinks for the College/Military Fair representatives.  And thanks to all who help make BISD students future ready!