Buc Pride Points Required for Annual Black Out Pep Rally

The traditional blackout pep rally will be held in the gym on Friday November 1st for students who have 400 pride points. Thursday October 30th students who qualified for the blackout pep rally will receive wristbands that the students will use to get into the pep rally. The blackout pep rally hasn’t always been based on pride points, 2 years ago anyone could go to the black out pep rally but that had gotten somewhat because its all black and crowded. So last year, the BUC pride committee and the student council officers came together to decide that students will need 400 pride points to enter.

“The blackout pep rally is based on pride points so students could have something to work for and would want to be there,” assistant principal Sarah Jatala said. 

From the first day of school up until now there have been around 30 opportunities to earn pride points for the black out pep rally. The cut off date for the pride points was October 18th. 

“The student council, capital pride committee and me expect a full house. We would like it to be full. That’s why we only said 400 points because lots of students already had about 350 or so and it would be easier to be able to participate but we don’t want it to be too crowded,”  Jatala said.