Pair of runners Prepare for State Meet on Saturday

“I am really looking forward to the state meet,” Habeck said. “It’s my last race as a part of Brazoswood cross country, so I’m aiming to have the best race I can possibly have.”

Sam Whitmarsh and Madison Habeck will compete in the state cross country meet on November 9th in Round Rock, after they advanced in their recent regionals meet.

“Going into regionals I didn’t know what to expect,” Whitmarsh said. “I knew that there was going to be some tough competition and that I needed to give everything I had if I was going to move forward.”

With the tough competition in the regionals, Whitmarsh didn’t find out that he advanced until after the race. On the other hand Habeck knew she had the spot towards the end of the race and it helped push her to keep going strong.

“I realized I was going to make it at about the end of the second mile,” Habeck said. “My dad and Coach Tummins were yelling at me that I was in the top 10, so I knew if I just held my pace and pushed it as hard as I could that I would qualify.”

For Habeck this allows her to run her last meet of her high school career in state. Which is just another bonus to the great season she has already had. 

“My senior season was honestly amazing,” Habeck said. “I achieved all of my goals this season by medaling at every single meet, breaking 19 minutes, qualifying for state, and the girls team qualifying for regionals. I felt like all of my hard work over the past 4 years was paying off.”

All these things were not only able to be accomplished by all the hard work both Whitmarsh and Habeck have put in, but also by the supportive team and coaches they work with.

“My favorite part about cross country has to be my teammates,” Whitmarsh said. “They are all great and we push each other to get better.”

With the amazing atmosphere the cross country team provides Habeck and Whitmarsh are looking forward to running their best races yet.

“I am really looking forward to the state meet,” Habeck said. “It’s my last race as a part of Brazoswood cross country, so I’m aiming to have the best race I can possibly have.”

English Students Use Halloween as a Learning Experience

Many AP English IV students will collectively be wearing costumes, during school on Halloween, that goes along with the Greek myths they are currently learning.

“Listening to me lecture is not a memorable experience even if I want it to be, but the day the entire AP English IV class dressed up, like Greek gods, while analyzing Oedipus the King, that is memorable,” English teacher Elizabeth Cherub said.

Cherub is all on bored for this learning technique that Katie Fiedler suggested while they were learning background information about Greek Mythology in class.

“I came up with this idea watching the Greek myths videos in class,” Fiedler said. “I’m participating partially because it was my idea, but largely because I like dressing up—especially flashy dresses.”

Though Fiedler came up with the idea because she thought it would be fun to dress up, many students are deciding to participate for other reasons.

“I’m participating because I heard that there might be bonus points involved,” Savannah Raymond said.

These bonus points are inspiring more and more students to join even though many were already excited.

“I was inspired to give the bonus points, on their project grade, by the excitement they were showing,” Cherub said. “Anytime I can get students to not only embrace elements of literary history but also make it relevant to the present day, I will definitely support it.”

Some students are embracing the idea of connecting who they are dressing up as, with the current day. Peter Young is demonstrating this by choosing a God that in part represents his love for Cross Country.

“I will be Hermes because he is fast and I am fast,” Young said. “Greek mythology has always interested me, so this has just reinforced that interest.”The students of AP English IV have already started analysing the story of Oedipus the King and are ready to connect the tragedy with the Greek Gods they have started to understand more and more about.