Brazoswood Welcomes Students Back Amid Pandemic and Construction

“It just feels off. Obviously, the school is smaller, but it also feels that way too.”

Traditional school days are something of the past, with last week marking the beginning of a new kind of face-to-face (F2F)  learning, and the following week introducing distance learning to everyone, virtual or not. 

With a good portion of their classmates remaining at home with distance learning, in-person student’s have had to adjust to the new policies set in place to keep the 2019 Coronavirus from spreading. With that, plus new construction, it’s a whole new experience, walking the halls of a school that once seemed so familiar. 

“It just feels off,” Lainey Gutierrez, a senior, said. “Obviously, the school is smaller, but it also feels that way too.” 

One of the consequences of the pandemic is having to wear masks, as well as be constantly socially distanced.

“You have to be socially distanced so that they [the administrators] can trace back those who might be affected if someone catches it [COVID-19],” Gutierrez said. 

The new policies also affected student’s in a rather unusual way. Some students have schedules that are hybrid, meaning on campus and off campus. This has caused a few problems with students, namely with transportation.

“Due to my schedule, I ended up having an in-person class and then 6 minutes to get home for my online class,” Neha Krishnan, senior, said. “However, it takes longer than 6 minutes to drive home so it’s been challenging to figure out a way to be on time for my next class. Overall, it has made my day stressful trying to balance the different instruction styles.”

The pandemic also caused a big decision in students and their guardians: whether to remain digital, or to return to face-to-face, 

“My parents didn’t want me going back to school because I have a weak immune system. I also didn’t feel comfortable with going back because the amount of cases in our town was only going up,” Kaitlin Nguyen, senior, said. 

Student’s who chose digital complete all their courses online, with there being quite a few differences in how school is being held. Instead of being in a classroom, they’re in their own home. Instead of being able to see their teachers and classmates face-to-face, they’re to sometimes see them through a video screen. However, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

“I don’t really mind being digital because it doesn’t really affect me,” Nguyen said. “I do worry about the face-to-face students, though.” 

The choice to stay digital to some was an easy one, but those who opted for face-to-face had their own reasons as well.

“I chose F2F because I do better in a learning environment,” Lainey Guiterrez said, “It’s just difficult for me to focus at home.” 

Whether they chose F2F or distance learning, this is a new endeavor for everyone. Remember to self-screen yourself everyday, wear your masks, and socially distance. Hopefully, normalcy will return soon. 

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