Seniors Prepare to Give Direction

Senior directed One Act Plays, or SOAPs, are being produced by the Brazoswood Bandits, the newly renamed theatre department, and will go up on November 16.

“I love SOAPs because they are less restricted than other plays in our program,” senior director Logan Pierce said. “The teacher basically goes hands off, other than to supervise, and the seniors have a chance to fully go into creative mode.”

The seniors aren’t the only ones who enjoy producing these plays, though, and it isn’t all just for fun.

“It allows the actors to become more creative in a cohesive effort to get a student led show on,” Pierce said. “This creativity and comradeship is what makes all the students love SOAPs as a whole, and what attracts new people who haven’t tried theatre before.” 

SOAPs brings a different kind of atmosphere to the stage that the students adore. The lack of the usual adult regulation is a major factor. 

“Actors enjoy SOAPs because it’s completely student ran,” senior director, Cole Hillier said. “Just being able to do what they love without the pressure of an adult beating down on them relieves a lot of stress in their lives. It’s one place they know will be fun and safe from any kind of anxiety.”

But acting isn’t the only skill that SOAPs helps to improve. It also has an affect on other parts of their life.

“I’d day the thing I love most about SOAPs is the chemistry that builds up between the characters,” Hillier said. It helps the cast and crew to come out of their shell and meet new people. It always makes high school easier when you go into it with a few more friends.”

The lessons that students learn during SOAPs don’t leave after high school is done. It’s an experience that sticks with them. 

“Directing a SOAP had an impact on me even after highschool,” graduate of class 2018, Tomás Whitmarsh said. “It honestly showed me how difficult and rewarding putting on a production can be and how fun it is to work with a group of people who are just as passionate about your vision for the production as you are.”

Every year, these theatre students come together and work to make something that they are proud of. 

“Even though the shows this year are short, there’s still a lot of amazement to be seen,” Hillier said. “We have amazing actors in both shows and it’s really a pleasure to work with them.”

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