Seniors Prepare to Say Goodbye to a Big Part of Their High School Career

Seniors participating in band are nearing the end of their final marching season with the award winning Buc Band and will soon say goodbye to an organization that has affected so many of them in many positive ways.

Simone Marshall, one of this years drum majors and a senior flute player in the band, reflected on her past three years with the band and said that while working with a group of such a large scale is an amazing opportunity, it is the little things and the traditions within the band that she will miss the most when she graduates later this year. 

“I think there’s something special about working with such a large group of people and having that effort culminate as a finished product,” drum major Simone Marshall said. “Of course, there’s so much more I’m going to miss, from parking lot barbeque to dancing in the stands to conducting the fight song, and so, so much more.” 

The 2020 band seniors have had many accomplishments with their past and current marching shows. Drum major Hunter Brooks recalled the day that the band made State with their 2016 marching show, ‘Above the Clouds.’ Brooks remembered how loud and excited all his fellow band members were, stating that it was loudest he had ever heard the band. 

“My freshman year when we made state, or, no no, when we made finals at Area,” drum major Hunter Brooks said. “Everybody was just screaming and that’s the loudest I’ve ever heard everybody, and then we made state that night and that was really loud too, that was good.” 

Shockley, like many other marching band seniors, has many stories to look back on from their band years. Particularly prominent was Shockleys’ first memory from her freshman year auditions, very early on she was introduced to the positive and hilarious aspects of marching band. 

“My first memory at all was auditions,” color guard second lieutenant Caitlyn Shockley said. “This one girl, like right as I walked in, she walked up to me and she said ‘If I buy you a pair of leg warmers will you wear them?’ and I said ‘no’ and I really regretted saying no. That was my first one.”

Montoya has been a director for the band all four years that the seniors have been apart of the marching band. Reflecting on the beginning of this years season he praised the seniors and explained how at the beginning of this season he appreciated how enthusiastic the seniors have been this year.

“My favorite memory with the 2020 seniors is I think how proactive they were coming into the season,” head band director Martin Montoya said. “They came with a lot of good ideas and a lot of enthusiasm for ways to make our band more successful and more efficient and I thought they just came with really great attitudes.”


Many of this year’s seniors have a lot of wisdom that being in marching band has given them over the years, recollections and advice that they wished to share with future band members: 

“Don’t give up, even if its hard, because it’s gonna be hard at some point, just keep pushing and it’ll get better,” color guard leader Madison Harper said. 

“It’s never hot or cold, just a warm one or a chilly one. Hydrate or dydrate. Enjoy the time you have with the band, because it doesn’t last forever. Most of all, try to be someone who can inspire the next generation, and share what you love with them.  I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished together this year, and I look forward to watching you as a proud alum,” drum major, Simone Marshall said 

“Don’t be scared, just go for it. It’s fun and no one is going to make fun of you,” color guard social officer Harmony Martinez said. 

“Don’t be afraid to be silly. Because everyone here is really weird,” Band president Grace Sargent said.

“I would encourage people to try and be themselves around everybody and get to know as many people as you can because this is a really cool group of people,” trumpet section leader Madison Habeck said.

“Go to practice,” percussion section leader Sloane Thompson said.

“Don’t be dumb, do what the band’s doing. Go Bucs,” saxaphone section leader Josh Gillis said.

“Stay focused during rehearsals and try to give it your all, and that no one will be upset if you give it your all,” mellophone section leader Jack Lander said.

“I would say just be confident in yourself. Everyone here is very encouraging, it’s a great organization. Just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to try out, to audition for certain things or apply for a leadership position because in the end, it’s just going to help you either way,” clarinet section leader Evelyn Gomez said.

“Respect the leaders, because they have to enforce the rules. Also if you are always getting better, you will be good in the program. But if you are constantly staying the same, even if you are good and staying the same, you’re not going to get anywhere,” color guard second lieutenant Caitlyn Shockley said. 

“It’s not all about you. You’re doing it for other people, not just doing it for yourself. You are trying to excel the band,” drum major Hunter Brooks said.

“Make sure that you don’t force people to do what you want, make sure you ask them first before you do it. Also don’t try to do things by yourself, do it with other officers that will also help you,” color guard captain Joseph Nieves said.

Author: Emma Sargent

I am a sophomore in highschool, and recently began a journalism class. I love journalism because I get to write factual stories about what is going on around me. I also love to take photos, paint and spin flags in colorguard.

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