Marching Band Receives High Honors for 39th Consecutive Year

The band was able to have accomplished getting all 1s in UIL for 39 consecutive years by  putting dedication into their show.

“I am really proud of this school and I am so glad to be a part of an organization that does so well it just comes to show how much the directors and the members of the band are putting into their shows,” band member Abigail Bryant said.

Getting ready for a performance can be different depending on if you are a color guard member or a band member.

“I had a good breakfast and warmed up and stretched before the run through so I will have been ready for the run through on the way to the competition I take a nap so I will be ready to perform and not be tired,” color guard member Janina Rodriquez said.

Being in color guard means they perform various dances while being able to throw their equipment,which can be fairly difficult.

“I need to know which way the wind is blowing and I’m able to tell by the direction the flag is moving and then I just figure out where I need to place my hands to be able to catch it,” Rodriguez said.

Even though you try as hard as you can to not mess up it still happens at times.

“I can’t let it stop me so I just keep going and get back into it. And because of how fast the pace of the show is that I can’t focus on my mistake so I just refocus on the show,” Bryant said.

After the performance was over and they found out what they had gotten they were ready to keep on practicing even harder because the season wasn’t over yet.

“It just shows that the band directors know what they are doing and are doing a good job teaching the kids. It also shows how much work they put into their shows every year,” Rodriguez said.

Author: Jasmin Uribe

I am in 11th grade and I am in band

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