Four Students Advance to Area Choir Competition

Advancing to Pre Area this year, four choir students will be competing December 7th against many other people in the state. 
“Students have to learn music selected by the Texas Music Educators Association and audition on that music for a panel of judges,” said Rachel Giedraitis. 
Students work and practice hard for the opportunity to advance. 

“The most important factor to making the all-region choir is discipline; students have to be willing to put in the practice to make the choir,” Giedraitis said.
Junior Landon Beeson is one of four students advancing this year having auditioned before he is aware of the challenges of preparation. 
“The experience is more a mental game than anything else. You have to avoid getting in your own head,” Beeson said. 
Having students advance in her first year as director Giedritis said the experience was awesome
“It was fun to see the students grow and learn,” said Giedraitis.

Author: madi cleburn

im 16 and in high school. i'm in the 11th grade. i look like a freshman

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