Black Out Game Means More Than Black Uniforms

Putting on the black jersey at Brazoswood is special to the players, this still resides true with many other Brazoswood alumni.

The Brazoswood Blackout game is the most traditional and historic game of the year for the buccaneers football team. This years event will be held on Friday, November 1st, at Hopper field. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 pm. 

“The tradition around the game really adds another element compared to a normal game, but it’ll be a really cool experience with all the excitement and energy around the game,” Quarterback Trace Thompson said.

This game is the most important of the Buccaneers season, it signifies the last home game of the season. Not only that, it presents itself as the last blackout game that Brazoswood football will ever play. 

“It feels great to play in a great atmosphere in the blackout game with it being our last blackout game ever, so we all want to go out with a bang,” Center Cade Stroud said. 

This game also brings a different atmosphere for the Buccaneers team each year. 

“It’ll be very different than any other game and it’ll draw a bigger crowd, but that all will be really exciting to see and feel,” Thompson said.

This game will also present a tough challenge for the Buccaneers as they go against the Pearland Oilers. [(6-2)(3-2)]

“It’s going to be really tough with Pearland coming in but, in our district it is tough every week, we just have to prepare and execute our gameplan,” Thompson said. 

If the Buccaneers could pull off a win, it would be a monumental one. This would mark the first win the Buccaneers would have against the Oilers since joinng district 23-6A.

“My expectations for the game is to come out with a bang and show everyone how the culture is going to change in the next few years,” Stroud said. 

An additional factor that the players will have in their mind is wearing the jerseys that so many past Brazoswood football alumni have worn. 

“It’s a good feeling to be able to carry on the tradition of the past alumni and try to continue to build that for the program,” Thompson said.

 Putting on the black jersey at Brazoswood is special to the players, this still resides true with many other Brazoswood alumni. 

“It really gives you a sense of pride, for example before me Dillon Tolbert wore number 4, so you kind of don’t want to let him down, but you also want to leave your mark so kids growing up can say they want to wear number 4,” Former Brazoswood quarterback Lane Caballero said.

The game to the players just has a different feel for alumni and players alike.

“This games different because it’s a one time a year thing. There’s no redo or next one. So it intensifies the effort for everyone on the team,” Caballero went on to say.

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