Biggest Bonfire Burns into History

Starting a new tradition, the school’s annual bonfire was held on October 3 at Stratton Ridge Park for all students to attend. The bonfire wasn’t held on school campus because construction had been planned in the spot the bonfire was usually held. 
“It was stressful to plan because we didn’t know it would be at a new location,” Bryce Sidney said. “When we discovered it was at a new location, we had to adapt to the new changes and we did that well.”
Bryce Sidney, a senior on the school’s student council, was active in planning and building the bonfire. He had his difficulties with the new location, but he managed to overcome them and finished the bonfire with his classmates.
“Building the bonfire at first was a struggle because we didn’t know what we were doing but I feel like we naturally came together to build it,” Sidney said.
Many students had complaints about the bonfire, and Bryce was surprisingly among them. 
“I think that next year they could have more emphasis on the actual site at the bonfire, and have more activities for the students to do at the bonfire,” Sidney said.
Like many other students, junior Mason Stevens had an opinion about the bonfire not being on school grounds.
“It was a little troubling getting there, and I feel that if it was on campus more people would’ve gone,” Stevens said. “But because it wasn’t on campus, there was a bigger fire and more room to be more active.”
Mason is one of many students that was happy with how the bonfire turned out. 
“I enjoyed seeing all my friends in the same place and I would definitely go again,” Stevens said.
The bonfire was also the largest in Brazoswood history with over 6000 pallets being placed in formation by senior students. Rumor has it, this will forever be that largest in history, as the fire marshall has shut down the idea of the structure getting any larger that it was this year.

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